Is it Christmastime Already?

Jessica hummed to herself. She was showing Spring and Josefina her dance routine and she didn’t want to mess up. Her feet already knew the steps, so it was pretty easy. She finished and realized she had been closing her eyes the whole time. She opened them to see Spring and Josefina smiling. “That was pretty good!” Spring commented. Jessica closed her eyes again and curtsied to an imaginary crowd. Just then, a door in the house slammed and aloud, {Read More}

Review: Dreamy Daisy Pet Bed

As a pet lover, I own many of the American Girl cats and dogs. This pet bed stood out among the other pet beds that are available. It looks like something you could really buy at a pet store. It’s mostly for Jade, but all the pets are going to sleep in it at some time. Overall, it’s super sweet.  I love it not just because it’s for my pets, but it’s also a great prop in your doll’s house. {Read More}

Review: Bonbon

Ever since Grace came out, Bonbon had been on my wishlist. Since I purchased Grace online, and didn’t buy her in the store, I didn’t want to pay for extra shipping for Bonbon, so I bought Bonbon on the next trip to AG. I totally don’t regret buying her. She so cuddly and soft. Her big ears are adorable and her red bow/collar is super cute. Overall, her appearance is great. Her fur is white instead of cream and isn’t {Read More}

Blogging Tips 1.0

Some people have been asking for some blogging tips, so I decided to make a post of some tips for beginner bloggers. These are not in any particular order. 1. Try to have a clean look for your blog. This will effect the first impression you give to viewers. Try to make your blog look unique, but not too crazy. My blog has 2 fun colors (red and aqua) and the neutral color is white. Since white is the main {Read More}