Sewing: Another Pleated Skirt

I finished another pleated skirt! This time, I used corduroy. I think it looks pretty cute on Jessica. 🙂 Jessica totally agrees! She is a beautiful model. Here’s a close up of the skirt. I tried really hard to make the grain straight, and it paid off! I was having a little trouble with the needle though. My mom had bought some extra for the machine, but I don’t think they go with it. So the needle would randomly snag {Read More}

Learning to Sew

What does the word “sewing” make you think about? I used to think it was something for older people.  Now sewing is more interesting. I am learning how to sew doll clothes, thanks to this video series by Liberty Jane. A few days ago I finished my first doll dress, using a free pattern from Pixie Faire. Kanani is modeling it for you. I got the cloth and ribbon from Hobby Lobby. The top is bunched up, because it’s a drawstring dress. The {Read More}