The Guiding Compass – Part 11

The next morning, Grace and Isabelle were setting the table for breakfast. Isabelle spread plates all around the table and Grace carried the pastries to the buffet counter. “What’s today?” Isabelle asked, “Hopefully croissants. I’ll never get tired of those.” “Yep,” Grace affirmed, “Kaya will be happy.” She smiled, picturing Kaya’s smiling face when she noticed her favorite pastries were for breakfast. “Did you get the fruit yet?” Isabelle asked. Grace shook her head. “Not yet. It’s in the kitchen.” “Okay, {Read More}

Christmas Morning – A Photostory

All the dolls were snug in their beds. Well, some of the dolls were in sleeping bags on the floor, but they were still snug. The sun was just coming up over the horizon, and light was peeking into the dolls’ bedroom.   Isabelle was the first one to stir. She decided to sleep for a few more moments, until she remembered what day it was! It was Christmas! She lifted her head, and looked to see if any of {Read More}

On the 12th Day of Christmas…

On the 12th day of Christmas, my best friend gave to me… 12 dollies singing! …11 bulbs for hanging, 10 fuzzy boots, 9 Christmas cards, 8 fancy slippers, 7 paper snowflakes, 6 gifts for giving, 5 Christmas treats!! 4 pretty dresses, 3 red bows, 2 dollies baking, …and a silver star on top of the tree! Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you enjoyed Small Dolls in a Big World’s 12 days of Christmas! The silver star on the tree signifies the {Read More}

Grace’s Pastry Cart – SOLD OUT

Well, we knew it was coming. The 2nd biggest ticket item in Grace’s collection is no longer available on the AG website. It is still available in all the stores except 4, so if you make a trip it will probably be there. Here’s a list of all the items from Grace’s collection that are already sold out: Grace’s French Bakery Grace’s Sweet Hairstyles Set Dots and Bows Phone Wristlet for Girls Grace’s Tee for Girls – Size XL Grace’s {Read More}

Grace in Braids – A Photoshoot

Have any of you styled your Grace’s hair into braids? She adorable with them! I couldn’t resist taking a few photos of her today. Here’s here whole outfit. I was experimenting with different combinations. I can’t believe how much of a difference that hat makes! I’m planning of buying some of American Girl’s new hats for my dolls. Hat: American Girl Casual Chic Outfit Shirt: American Girl True Spirit Outfit Pants: American Girl In-Store Exclusive Shoes: American Girl Silver Shimmer {Read More}

In the Kitchen with Grace – A Photoshoot

Enjoy the photos of Grace hard at work in the Patisserie!  Uh oh! Busted! Time for a snack! Grace thanks you for visiting, and says to come back soon! — American Girl Doll Artist    

Small, Smaller, Smallest – A Photoshoot

Here are some photos I took of Grace (small), a mini Eiffel tower (smaller) and Mini Grace (smallest). Bonus pictures: Those were of our cat, Dottie. 🙂 She has 3 dots on her nose. 🙂 — American Girl Doll Artist

Review: Bonbon

Ever since Grace came out, Bonbon had been on my wishlist. Since I purchased Grace online, and didn’t buy her in the store, I didn’t want to pay for extra shipping for Bonbon, so I bought Bonbon on the next trip to AG. I totally don’t regret buying her. She so cuddly and soft. Her big ears are adorable and her red bow/collar is super cute. Overall, her appearance is great. Her fur is white instead of cream and isn’t {Read More}

Grace Packing – A Photoshoot

Here are some photos I took of Grace packing for her trip to Paris. Now Grace is ready to leave for Paris! The best way to pack clothes in Grace’s suitcase is to roll them up into a tube. Then you can stuff more items into the suitcase. – American Girl Doll Artist

Review: Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit

I love Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit! I think it’s one of my favorite outfits from her collection. The whole outfit: I really like how the black and white look on Grace. I can’t wait to see how many outfits I can come up with included her white skirt! The shirt has many sequins on the top and a large white bow on her left shoulder. The sequins don’t continue around the back. The shirt closes with very thin velcro, and the {Read More}