Packing Up – A Photostory

“I was just thinking,” Isabelle said to Kanani, “That since Mom is so busy with school and packing, that we should try to pack some of our stuff ourselves!” “That’s a great idea!” Kanani said, “Let’s start right away.” “What are you doing?”  A head popped up in between them. “Augh!” Isabelle exclaimed, surprised. It was Jamie. But Jamie was wearing sunglasses, which made her all the more prone to scare someone. “You look like a spy,” Kanani said, laughing. {Read More}

My Updated Doll House Tour

I love changing my dolls’ house around. Since I share a room with all of my sisters, we have lots of doll stuff in our room. Catlover02 has her own doll house, and I have mine. Since my last doll house tour, my room has been rearranged a lot, and my dolls have moved around the room several times. I have seen a huge doll house on AG Doll Play (they have great crafts) and I wanted to make my {Read More}