Isabelle and Tutu – A Photoshoot

I have not done a photoshoot with Isabelle for a long time. She needed a new profile picture. 🙂 Her eyes are not quite as green as Lea’s or Kanani’s, and we don’t have many green outfits so there are not many outfits she can wear that accent her eyes. She looks the best in coral and purple though which are from her collection. This is my favorite. 🙂 Some of the pictures look hazy, as if it’s a dream. {Read More}

Decorating the Tree – A Photostory

“You guys got a tree?” Jessica squealed, feeling the rough branches of the new Christmas tree that was in the living room. “I thought Mom said we couldn’t have a tree since we were moving!” “Well, Sarah told us it wasn’t time to move yet, and so with Mom’s approval, we got a Christmas tree!” Isabelle said. Darica smiled. “We were just about to decorate it. We already put the lights on the tree.” “Did someone say tree?” Kanani asked, overhearing. {Read More}

What Mom Bought (Part 1)

“Hey girls! Hey!” Jamie called, bursting into the dolls’ room, “Look at my awesome new outfit!” “Wow,” Kanani remarked, “Uh, that’s trendy.” “I know, right?” Jamie said, twirling around, “Isn’t it awesome?” Isabelle, who was petting Tutu, said, “Cool leggings! Where did you get them?” “I think Mom received them for her birthday. It was a few days ago.” Jamie replied. “I didn’t know it was Mom’s birthday,” Sarah said. She was playing with Isabelle’s American Girl doll. “Neither did {Read More}

Isabelle’s Last Dance Part 2

Isabelle sat in her wardrobe. A tear fell on her cheek. How could she forget? She knew would retire soon. Am I not good enough? she wondered. “Meow!” “Tutu!” Isabelle cried, “Come sit on my lap!” Tutu hopped up. She wiggled around, waiting for Isabelle to scratch her chin. Meanwhile, Jamie ran off the talk to Kanani. “Jamie?” Kanani asked, “What’s going on?” Jamie told her the whole story. “Well, I’ll go talk to her,” Kanani said, leaving Jamie alone. {Read More}

Isabelle’s Last Dance Part 1

“Psst!” Jamie whispered to Sarah, “Hey! Sarah! Come over here!” Sarah whipped her head around and stared at her sister. “What in the world?” she asked, “What are you doing?” “You will never guess what I saw today. I found out that the new GOTY is Grace Thomas! She is a baker and she goes to Paris!” Jamie said, talking as fast as she could.   “What?” Sarah asked. “We can’t let Isabelle know that she’s been replaced!” Jamie insisted. {Read More}

Isabelle’s New Wardrobe

Does anyone know what this is, or what brand it is? I know, but I’m just quizzing you. 🙂 It’s the Wooden Wardrobe from Our Generation at Target. I received it from my parents for Christmas. It’s almost like Isabelle’s studio, but much cheaper. It was on sale at Target for like $60-$70. Isabelle’s studio is $275. It’s a way better deal, even though it doesn’t come with all of the accessories. Isabelle will give you a tour. First she {Read More}

Isabelle’s Metallic Dress Review

Hello friends and followers! It’s Isabelle here, and I am going to review my metallic dress from my collection. This set comes with one dress, one belt, one pair of tights, and a pair of shoes. It sells for $34. The dress is soft and pretty. There is a layer of tulle over the dress. The belt looks realistic. Mommy said she had a hard time putting it on at first, but it got easier over time. It gathers up {Read More}

Isabelle in the Rain: A Photoshoot

It’s me, Isabelle. It’s been super cloudy and rainy all week. I went outside for a little bit, but it was cold and wet, so I went back inside. Mommy took some pictures of me while I was outside.     It took Mom a while to get this picture right. My eyes kept getting blurry and the camera kept focusing on my hat. Yes, my hat is cool, but, my eyes are prettier, ha ha. – Isabelle Note from {Read More}