More About Tenney Grant

Reliable sources have just revealed some important facts and news about Tenney Grant. Instagram user @agupdatenews (an awesome news account) has found from Facebook some new facts: Tenny Grant’s release date is February 9th. I’m not sure how I feel about this.. This is very unusual for another doll to be released just over a month after the GOTY. Tenney Grant will have light skin, brown eyes, long wavy blonde hair, and possibly freckles. This sounds like Truly Me #28 {Read More}

GOTY 2017/Tenney Grant Leaks and Clues

Well, it is already September (almost October, actually) and we have seen almost nothing on the next Girl of the Year. Last year, by this time, we had the leaked Lea mini doll, about 3 outfits from her collection, and more continuing to pop up. And now? I have found a few clues to share with you all – clues about the next GOTY, or Tenney Grant, the rumored “modern” doll coming out next year. Before we start, I just {Read More}

New Truly Me Kitchen Set + New Doll Leaked!

Look at this awesome set guys! A KITCHEN!! Look at it. It’s so cool! There’s a mixer, a toaster, a stove, an oven, a waffle maker, a little pet feeding drawer, utensils, and tons of other accessories. It’s just plain awesome. I’m guessing the price will be $200+. Catlover02 and I are really hyped up right now. It’s such a cool set! I’m sure girls will go crazy for this. We sure are! And that doll with red hair. She {Read More}

Melody Ellison’s Second Book and Journey Book Cover

On American Girl wikia, they have posted a photo of Melody Ellison’s second book cover, “Never Stop Singing,” and her Journey book, “Music in my Heart.” She is wearing the Flower Peplum Dress that was leaked on eBay several weeks ago. I think she looks really pretty and I can’t wait to read her books! 🙂 – American Girl Doll Artist

New Truly Me Sets – Instore Only Until January 1st 2016

Just like last year, the new Truly Me sets are released in stores earlier then online. It’s probably because they have to just set it up so they can all work on Lea’s displays on New Year’s Eve. Here is the Red Hearts and Ruffles Outfit ($28). It comes with a dress, bracelet,  and sandals, and possibly a headband. This dress was leaked on Ebay a few weeks ago. This Valentine’s gift set was just leaked a few days ago {Read More}

American Girl Truly Me Leaked Possible Valentine’s Day Shirt

On Ebay, there is this really cute shirt that looks like it’s probably for Valentine’s day, most likely for Truly Me dolls. I think it’s super cute and casual. I love the earbuds, because I love to listen to music on my iPhone with earbuds too. The heart is gray and sparkly. I know this will probably become a shirt because of the AG tag in the lower left corner of the shirt. What do you think of this shirt? {Read More}

Lea Clark Purple Tie-dye Dress on Ebay

I found this purple tie-dye dress that is from Lea Clark’s line of clothing.  I’ve already seen this outfit, but without the sunglasses included. The shoes just look cheap to me. Here are the new sunglasses. I like them, but I don’t love them. I can’t see them going with any other outfits, unless they’re in Lea’s collection. What do you think? -Catlover02 If you want to see this outfit on a doll, you can go to

Mysterious Skirt on Ebay

This pink polka-dot skirt was found on Ebay. I don’t know if it is for American Girl, since I didn’t see any AG tags on it. It could be for Bitty Twins or Bitty Baby. Or it could be for Truly Me dolls, maybe a new birthday outfit, since the other one is almost 2 years old. What do you think about it? -Catlover02

New Photos of GOTY 2016 Lea Clark Mini Doll on Ebay

This Lea Clark mini doll was listed only a few hours ago… These are new, more detailed photos of her. She is from the same seller who had the leaked spring 2016 outfit. (I like to frequently look around eBay for juicy info) 🙂 Here are the photos. Overall, she doesn’t look bad, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing her. The 18 inch doll will probably have medium skin, Caroline’s eye color, the Josefina face mold and caramel hair. {Read More}

GOTY 2016 News

I read another doll blog called Living a Doll’s Life and they just posted some news about GOTY 2016. Living a Doll’s Life has a picture of her possible meet outfit and there’s a tag on the dress that says, “Lea Clark.” It might be GOTY 2016’s name, or AG might be in the process of making her, just playing around with some ideas. Read the full post here. The dress that might be GOTY 2016’s meet outfit looks like {Read More}