On the 3rd day of Christmas…

On the 3rd day of Christmas my best friend gave to me…

Tutu’s Beauty Show

Hello, and welcome back to Tutu’s television channel. Today we will be talking about beauty, and all things makeup. Please welcome our special guest, Tutu! Humph! What is the matter? What is the matter? What is the matter? The matter is that I do NOT have a flower bow! Don’t worry Tutu, we will fix you up in no time and you will very beautiful, even without a flower bow. Just calm down Oh fine… Alright, the first thing we {Read More}

Deals of Day 11 – Fuzzy Friends

If your doll is hoping for a fuzzy friend this Christmas, now is the perfect time to get her one! Coconut, the dalmatian, the chocolate lab, and Himalayan kitten are all on sale. There are most of the outfits and accessories for pets, and the Dreamy Daisy Pet bed. Will you buy anything? – American Girl Doll Artist

Review: Bonbon

Ever since Grace came out, Bonbon had been on my wishlist. Since I purchased Grace online, and didn’t buy her in the store, I didn’t want to pay for extra shipping for Bonbon, so I bought Bonbon on the next trip to AG. I totally don’t regret buying her. She so cuddly and soft. Her big ears are adorable and her red bow/collar is super cute. Overall, her appearance is great. Her fur is white instead of cream and isn’t {Read More}

On the Loose

I sighed. Walking the dogs was not what I had in mind this afternoon. Actually, I was going to go shopping. I remembered what Spring had told me before I left the house. “Stay on the sidewalk and you’ll be fine.” she’d said. “Ha!” I had replied, “That’s simple.” Turns out, simple meant boring. I yawned as I walked. Then for some reason, the puppies started to walk faster.  “Hey, slow down!” I yelped, but they kept picking up the pace. {Read More}

New Addition to the Pet family!

Hi folks, Jessica here. I know I should be talking about fashion, but I’m actually talking about pets. Last night, I asked Mom for a new pet, and she said I could go to the Pet Store down the street the next day and pick out a pet. So this morning I woke up and got dressed. I wore this cute polka-dot purple dress and I just loved it and- Jessica, your supposed to be talking about going to the pet store. {Read More}