Pippa – A Photostory

Spring jumped up and down. “Guys! The plane’s here! Pippa should be here any moment!” She pointed out the airport lounge’s giant window. A passenger jet had just flown in a few seconds ago. Grace looked out the window and glanced at the plane worriedly. She’d never greeted a new sister before, since she was the youngest, and was wondering if Pippa would like her. Bethany sat on the window seat and leaned on the glass pane.  “I heard Pippa {Read More}

Packing Up – A Photostory

“I was just thinking,” Isabelle said to Kanani, “That since Mom is so busy with school and packing, that we should try to pack some of our stuff ourselves!” “That’s a great idea!” Kanani said, “Let’s start right away.” “What are you doing?”  A head popped up in between them. “Augh!” Isabelle exclaimed, surprised. It was Jamie. But Jamie was wearing sunglasses, which made her all the more prone to scare someone. “You look like a spy,” Kanani said, laughing. {Read More}

Sarah and Bethany’s Fashion Disaster

*Squirt squirt* Sarah pushed down on top of the spray bottle. She covered Bethany’s hair in water. “What are you doing to my hair?” Bethany asked. “You’ll see!” Sarah said mysteriously. She went back to brushing Bethany’s stick-straight, blonde hair, “It’s going to be perfect!” “Perfectly silly!” Bethany muttered. Sarah laughed, “Maybe!” Bethany groaned. “It is, isn’t it? Ugh! You’ll ruin my hair! Last time you got a piggy-tail holder tangled up in my hair and Spring had to almost {Read More}

Isabelle’s Last Dance Part 2

Isabelle sat in her wardrobe. A tear fell on her cheek. How could she forget? She knew would retire soon. Am I not good enough? she wondered. “Meow!” “Tutu!” Isabelle cried, “Come sit on my lap!” Tutu hopped up. She wiggled around, waiting for Isabelle to scratch her chin. Meanwhile, Jamie ran off the talk to Kanani. “Jamie?” Kanani asked, “What’s going on?” Jamie told her the whole story. “Well, I’ll go talk to her,” Kanani said, leaving Jamie alone. {Read More}

GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas Photos

Enjoy the photos!        I discovered that if you go to the store and attend GOTY Grace’s Debut, you receive a free doll apron! How cool is that? Thank you for reading and looking! 🙂 – American Girl Doll Artist

Fringe and Beads: A Photoshoot

Enjoy these colorful pictures of Kaya! I love this picture. She just looks so calm and peaceful. Moccasins!   When I first got Kaya, I was worried that her beads would fall out, since they are not secured. I have had no problem with them; they have always stayed in! Thanks for reading! I always love seeing how the pictures turn out! – American Girl Doll Artist 🙂

Kanani and Leaves: A Photoshoot

Kanani is one of my favorite dolls, that’s why I own her. 😉  I like her so much because of her long hair and beautiful green eyes. They look like jewels. None of these pictures show how pretty she actually is; she is a lot prettier is person. Actually, I think all of the dolls are. Enjoy the pictures. 🙂   That’s all the pictures! Thanks for reading! – American Girl Doll Artist P.S. I might do part 5 of the {Read More}

Isabelle in the Rain: A Photoshoot

It’s me, Isabelle. It’s been super cloudy and rainy all week. I went outside for a little bit, but it was cold and wet, so I went back inside. Mommy took some pictures of me while I was outside.     It took Mom a while to get this picture right. My eyes kept getting blurry and the camera kept focusing on my hat. Yes, my hat is cool, but, my eyes are prettier, ha ha. – Isabelle Note from {Read More}

Funny Friday

Hello everyone! It’s Isabelle here. I’m writing the Funny Friday post! Awesome, right? ♥  Okay, here’s the photos taken by ME!         Now here are the cool pictures Mommy took!   Kaya and Mini Isabelle were playing with a paper doll and Mini Isabelle said, “Let’s put this dress on Isabelle!” Then I walked in.   “Hey,” I said, “That looks like me!” “It is!” said Mini Isabelle,”But it looks kinda like me too, you know.”   Okay {Read More}