Introducing… The Guiding Compass – Part 1

Ahem. I think it’s time to start my new series – The Guiding Compass. As you probably have already guessed, the Guiding Compass is going to star Lea… Grace… Kanani… Sarah… Kaya… Isabelle… …and Jamie. And some other people I’m not going to mention at the moment. Without further ado, The Guiding Compass, Part 1! *dim the lights* Kanani Akina straightened the skirt of her blue, peplum dress and surveyed the room before her.  She and her 5 other sisters had {Read More}

Packing Up – A Photostory

“I was just thinking,” Isabelle said to Kanani, “That since Mom is so busy with school and packing, that we should try to pack some of our stuff ourselves!” “That’s a great idea!” Kanani said, “Let’s start right away.” “What are you doing?”  A head popped up in between them. “Augh!” Isabelle exclaimed, surprised. It was Jamie. But Jamie was wearing sunglasses, which made her all the more prone to scare someone. “You look like a spy,” Kanani said, laughing. {Read More}

A Change of Scenery – A Photostory

Sarah slammed the door to the dolls’ house. She smiled, for she had purposely done it. Glancing over at the Daybed, she couldn’t help overhearing the other dolls’ conversation. “…so I still think Teddy Bears are best!” Samantha was saying as she held up her white plush bear. “No way, sock monkeys are still the best,” Jamie said. She had 2 sock monkeys, one for each arm. “Why?” asked Kanani. “Uh, sock monkeys are modern.” Jamie said, as if it {Read More}

Isabelle’s Last Dance Part 1

“Psst!” Jamie whispered to Sarah, “Hey! Sarah! Come over here!” Sarah whipped her head around and stared at her sister. “What in the world?” she asked, “What are you doing?” “You will never guess what I saw today. I found out that the new GOTY is Grace Thomas! She is a baker and she goes to Paris!” Jamie said, talking as fast as she could.   “What?” Sarah asked. “We can’t let Isabelle know that she’s been replaced!” Jamie insisted. {Read More}