Review: Recess Ready Outfit

Hi everyone! It’s Darica here. I will be reviewing my “Recess Ready Outfit”. It costs $3o on, and currently, it’s showing no longer available, but I’m almost certain it’s a glitch. 🙂 My mom bought this outfit for me. She says I look super cute in it. 🙂 Here’s the dress. It’s a lilac color with indigo purple spots and a few coral spots as well. There are also sparkly threads woven into the knitted fabric. Because of the {Read More}

Review: TM Doll #46

Truly Me #46, also known as Jamie, was my 3rd doll, the 2nd  one I saved for. I really wanted her, but didn’t know what my mom would think of me having 3 dolls. It had been a year since I’d bought Kaya. When I decided I wanted an American Girl doll, I considered buying Cecile instead of Kaya. But it was an easy win for Kaya; I had loved her for several years. When she came I was so {Read More}

Review: Grace’s Travel Coat

Bonjour! Grace is here with me today to review her Travel Coat. Here’s the whole coat. It’s made of very durable, thick material that is just like a real coat. On the coat’s waistline is a black bow. It is sewn into place and can’t be untied. On the upper part of the coat are 5 buttons. The 3 on the right side are used to close up the coat and the other 2 on the left are just for {Read More}