One Year Ago…

So! It’s been 1 year since I’ve changed my blog theme! I just thought it would be fun to announce that. I LOVE the new look and never want to change it. It’s very modern (in my opinion) and I realized earlier this year that the colors go along with Grace’s collection, especially her suitcase. Thanks to my mom who came up with the idea of taking my blog to the next level, and to my older brother for helping {Read More}

Stuffed Up

It was morning in the doll household. Some were still sleeping.   Some were waking up for breakfast. Sarah and Josefina were first to the table. “I get the watermelon!” Josefina claimed. “I get the muffin and bacon!” Sarah said. They started eating just as Spring came up from behind with Crystal. Crystal looked as if she’d had a rough night.   “Hi, guys? What’s for breakfast?” She asked, gazing at all the delicious food. “Anything!” Josefina and Sarah said at {Read More}

Going Geocaching

“I’m bored,” Kanani mumbled, shoving her novel aside. She had just read Meet Isabelle for the fourth time that day. Purr! Tutu hopped up onto the bed next to Kanani. Tutu begged for a back rub. Kana laughed and sunk her hands into Tutu’s soft fur. Tutu began to purr loudly. “You could go geocaching with me,” Isabelle suggested. “Geocaching? What’s that?” Kanani asked, confused. “It’s sort of like a treasure hunt. You go around looking for a geocache, which {Read More}