Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving! What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? I love eating pumpkin pie, and watching the Thanksgiving parade on TV. Pie…. All my dolls would like to share with you what they are thankful for: Kaya is thankful for: Her modern shawl outfit All her sisters All the pets, especially dogs. Sarah is thankful for: Her family Her warm bed The fact she doesn’t live with a reckless parent Jamie is thankful for: All her clothes Her best friend (partner {Read More}

Sarah and Bethany’s Fashion Disaster

*Squirt squirt* Sarah pushed down on top of the spray bottle. She covered Bethany’s hair in water. “What are you doing to my hair?” Bethany asked. “You’ll see!” Sarah said mysteriously. She went back to brushing Bethany’s stick-straight, blonde hair, “It’s going to be perfect!” “Perfectly silly!” Bethany muttered. Sarah laughed, “Maybe!” Bethany groaned. “It is, isn’t it? Ugh! You’ll ruin my hair! Last time you got a piggy-tail holder tangled up in my hair and Spring had to almost {Read More}

Stuffed Up

It was morning in the doll household. Some were still sleeping.   Some were waking up for breakfast. Sarah and Josefina were first to the table. “I get the watermelon!” Josefina claimed. “I get the muffin and bacon!” Sarah said. They started eating just as Spring came up from behind with Crystal. Crystal looked as if she’d had a rough night.   “Hi, guys? What’s for breakfast?” She asked, gazing at all the delicious food. “Anything!” Josefina and Sarah said at {Read More}