Deals of Day 11 – Fuzzy Friends

If your doll is hoping for a fuzzy friend this Christmas, now is the perfect time to get her one! Coconut, the dalmatian, the chocolate lab, and Himalayan kitten are all on sale. There are most of the outfits and accessories for pets, and the Dreamy Daisy Pet bed. Will you buy anything? – American Girl Doll Artist

Deals of Day 10 – Beforever Favorites

Today’s deals are perfect for you if you have a Beforever character like Julie, Josefina or Samantha! There’s a lot of items from Samantha’s, Rebecca’s  and Julie’s collections. Some of the dolls, like Kaya and Addy have little or no items in the selection. I wonder h0w AG comes up with the sale lists… There’s still 2 more days of deals, and the 20% off full priced merchandise is still going on! – American Girl Doll Artist

American Girl’s Cyber Monday Sale 2015

American Girl started their Cyber Monday sale today. Well,12:00 A.M. Central, to be exact. To be honest, I was disappointed with the selection. There was only a few things I liked, and most of it was retired girl clothing, miscellaneous Bitty Baby items, and a few historical dolls’ clothing. Last year, American Girl had 21-23 pages of sale items. This year’s sales don’t even compare to that. I hope their Daily Deals (50% off) are better. The Daily Deals are {Read More}

Special Package Deals – Up to 55% off until December 7th, 2015

And the sales keep rolling in! Today, American Girl started a sale on special package deals. I think every single pajama package (dolls + girls) is on sale for $40, plus free shipping. There’s also a new bed for $60 and free shipping too. Check everything out here. – American Girl Doll Artist

New American Girl Sale Items!

Who doesn’t love sales? Especially when they are from American Girl? Today, I was looking on my phone and saw they have some new items on sale. From Saige’s collection! Yes, they really do! Saige’s tunic outfit, her pajamas, picnic set, helmet set, and accessories are all on SALE! How cool is that? I don’t think I will be getting any Saige items, since I don’t have Saige. Some of the other items are cool though. I like the Real {Read More}