Saturday Update

Today my family and I are going to Kansas City to……. (Drumroll please) The American girl store!! I am taking my camera. Check back tomorrow for pictures! I’m sorry that […]

Runaway Inkpot

“Hey Kanani!” Sarah said, “I was thinking about swimming  this morning. Do you know the temperature?” Kanani shook her head and said, “Nice outfit. I like the penguin shirt.” Sarah […]

Jamie’s Chocolate

Jamie yawned. It was morning, but she was still tired. She went to the kitchen for a snack before going back to bed. “Oooo!” Jamie thought, “Sarah made chocolates last […]

Olive Comes for a Visit!

All the dolls were at home, doing — well, they weren’t really doing anything. Until the doorbell rang. Kanani hopped up and ran to see who it was. The other dolls heard […]