My InnerstarU Artwork – Part 2

Now, where were we? Oh yes, I was in the middle of my Project Friendship Drawings. This is Neely. Her eye got smeared because I colored it with a ballpoint pen, and I made her too thin and tall, which makes her look older. This is not from Project Friendship, but from a InnerstarU secret ending online. I kinda cheated on this one… I traced her glasses and face. 😛 I’m glad I got the coloring on the Butterfly Dress {Read More}

More of Camille’s American Girl Artwork

Camille has been drawing more pictures! She actually made this artwork a few weeks ago, but I haven’t had a chance to post it here until now. Here’s a drawing of Jamie in a holiday dress Camille designed. This is Lanie in another fancy gown designed by Camille. Here’s another Lanie drawing. Maryellen and her dog, Scooter. Camille, nice job the picnic basket! I love the way you made it look textured. Another Maryellen drawing of her in her meet outfit. {Read More}

Tenley’s Doll Drawing

Hooray! The first one is done! I hope you like your drawing Tenley! I had a lot of fun doing it, and I have one more drawing to add to my collection! I keep all of my drawings in a 3 ring binder. I just realized something: I forgot the freckles! Whoops! Reminder: no requests please! Thank you! – American Girl Doll Artist


Everyone wants their drawings done! I don’t want to mess anyone’s up! Please tell me if these are correct.   ForeverLoveDolls would like a drawing of her 2 dolls, Mackenzie and Alexis. Mackenzie will wear the yellow flower dress and Alexis will wear the pioneer purple dress. Notes: I looked for Mackenzie, but couldn’t find her on your blog. Is she Josefina? Also, would you like your drawing colored or black and white?   Christian Homeschooler would like a colored {Read More}

My New Doll Drawing!

Yippee! I’m finally done with my drawing of all of my dolls! I am so happy with the way it turned out! I think my favorite dolls in the picture are Kaya, Grace and Jamie. I love the design on Kaya’s dress and she looks so pretty in it, even on paper! 🙂 Grace is really cute because of her sweet smile. Her shirt turned out great. I really like Jamie’s mischievous smile on her face. It looks really funny to {Read More}