Start Saving American Girl Your Money…

Right now is about the time you should start saving your American Girl money for the end-of-the-year-sales! I just know they will have some great deals on clothing, accessories and even furniture! Last year they had: Jill’s Steals and Deals – Isabelle dolls and accessories – $79 – $130 Cyber Monday – Clothes, books, furniture and accessories – $1 – $100 Black Friday – I don’t know what they really had, because BF is in-store only, and I didn’t go. {Read More}

For Goodness Save – Day 2

Day 2 for “For Goodness Save” American Girl is offering free shipping and 50% off Grace’s Baking Set! I will not be getting this since I already have it, but $34 is a great price! You should buy it before it’s sold out! Catlover02 and I wanted to buy the Bistro set from the sale yesterday. We told our mom a little late, and by the time we got on the computer to buy it, it was not available anymore. {Read More}