NEW! Additions to AG Publishing!

While looking through the AG Publishing site, I came across these few things! 1. NEW! Doll Celebrations (Available in August)   2. NEW! Baking with Grace ( American Girl Doll Artist and I are SUPER excited about this! Available in June)   3. NEW! Dream It, Do It! (Available in August)   4. NEW! Josefina Mini Doll!!!! (I <3 her! Available in August)   That’s all! I was so excited to see a Josefina Mini doll!! I think she is {Read More}

New Grace E-Short

Looks like Grace has 4 stories now. 3 are books, and the other one is an e-short, titled, “Grace and Sylvie: A Recipe for Family” You can read an excerpt here in the stories section. I think it looks really interesting, because it’s like Grace’s first book, only in Sylvie’s point of view. – American Girl Doll Artist

New American Girl Books

On American Girl’s bookseller’s site, there is new american girl books! They are not for sale on the website yet though. First of all, there is going to be a 3rd book for Grace. I have a feeling that the outfit she’s wearing is going to be released in July. After all, she has the other two outfits she’s wearing on the covers of her other books. American girl is going to change the covers of all the Beforever mysteries. {Read More}