Review: Grace’s Welcome Gifts

When I went to the AG store to get my Grace doll, I wanted to get her Welcome Gifts too, since I would save $5. Then (since it was my birthday) my friend gave me some extra spending money and I had enough to get Kaya’s Limited Edition Shawl Outfit. I ended up not getting Grace’s Welcome Gifts, but I got them the next time I went to the store. The item I wanted most from the set was the {Read More}

Review: Grace’s Travel Coat

Bonjour! Grace is here with me today to review her Travel Coat. Here’s the whole coat. It’s made of very durable, thick material that is just like a real coat. On the coat’s waistline is a black bow. It is sewn into place and can’t be untied. On the upper part of the coat are 5 buttons. The 3 on the right side are used to close up the coat and the other 2 on the left are just for {Read More}

Grace Comparison: Grace vs Grace

So, who has Grace? That was a question many of you had in March, this year. Catlover02 bought Grace Thomas online, and then I bought another Grace in store in February. Which is which? This post will show how we tell who has what Grace doll. Here are the 2 Grace dolls side by side. Can you notice anything different about them (except for the fact that they have different earrings)? Basically, we know the Grace dolls apart because of {Read More}