Last Day to Play Innerstar University!

Remember – today’s the last day to play Innerstar University! Jamie was my only doll that came with Innerstar U codes. I set her up a week after I bought her in 2013. I really like Pajama Pile and Dive In; those were my favorite games. What are yours? Are you sad InnerstarU is leaving? – American Girl Doll Artist

FREE InnerstarU “Quick Change” Coloring Pages

Here are some free coloring pages for all of you! They are all from the Innerstar U book, Quick Change. Note: The book doesn’t mention anything about Halloween, just a fall costume party. 🙂 Have fun! — American Girl Doll Artist

Good-bye InnerstarU

InnerstarU is finally closing it’s doors. I don’t mind that much. It was fun, but it was just a pretend online school. Dolls in real life are much better. In my opinion, that is. I got access to ISU from my doll Jamie. My favorite games were the Campus Club Fair and the Diving Game. On November 5th, 2015, ISU will be shut down. Play while you can! – American Girl Doll Artist