Tay’s Trip to the American Girl Store

Hello everyone! I’m Tay! Today I’m here to be sharing with you guys some of the photos Mom took at the store. I got to come along. It was pretty awesome, it being my first time, and all. So here are the pictures. Wait, so do you want me to be like the commentator throughout the post? “That’s fine, Tay.” Awesome!! So, when we first went in, they had just started the “Welcome the Wellie Wishers” event inside. Girls could decorate {Read More}

Isabelle’s Trip to the American Girl Store

Hi everyone! It’s me, Isabelle. This time it was my turn to go to the American Girl store in Kansas City. It was my first time ever to go! I was super excited. My mom was still saving for Lea, but she thought it would be fun to see her collection and stuff. 🙂 Here’s me in the outfit I wore. The vest, hat and hand warmers are from the Warm Winter Accessories. The shirt is the Valentine’s Gift Set {Read More}

What Happened on Friday

Did any of you realized I didn’t post this week’s Funny Friday? My brother had a soccer game in Kansas City (Overland Park, actually) and my mom invited my sister and I to come along too. I almost didn’t go, because a cold has been going through our family, and I was congested. I decided to go, since I wasn’t feeling that bad. We had to leave at 1:00 P.M. so I spent the morning working on my school work because I’m homeschooled. {Read More}