Jessica’s Hot Chocolate Stand

“Hot chocolate for sale! Hot chocolate for sale!” Jessica called. She was running a hot chocolate booth. So far, no customers had come, and Jessica was getting bored. Suddenly, she saw Kaya coming towards her! “Maybe she wants hot chocolate!” Jessica thought. “Um, hi!” said Kaya. “What are you selling today, Jessica?” “Hot chocolate.” Jessica replied. “Do you have any water?” Kaya asked. “I don’t like hot chocolate.” “Sorry, I don’t.” Jessica said, “Don’t you want to try some hot chocolate?” “Um, I {Read More}

Funny Friday: Kaya’s Fall Adventure Part 2

Hello, it’s me, Kaya and I’m here to tell the rest of my adventure. If you missed the first part, read it here. So, picking up from where we left off. Well, I was so shocked about Pepper’s disappearance, that I ran back to the place where he was standing. Suddenly, I tripped and landed face-first into the grass. Then I heard some muffled yelps and barking. I had almost fell into a hole, and Pepper was stuck in it! I {Read More}

Does Kaya have a New Face Mold?

I was looking at the new Beforever Kaya. I though she looked even more like a toddler than my Kaya doll. I pulled up a picture of the old and new Kaya. See a difference? The new Kaya has a longer forehead, or less hair. The new Kaya also has more brownish color in her hair. The old Kaya had almost black hair. The head shape has also changed. I haven’t picked out which one I like better. I like both {Read More}

Mini Kaya’s Tuesday Travels, Part 1

Welcome to Mini Kaya’s Tuesday Travels. I, Mini Kaya, will show you the wonders of the world as I explore and find everything you wanted to know about the outside world. You may think I’m small, but some of the smallest people are the best at finding things and exploring. However, on with my adventure. When I first stepped outside, I was blinded by a humongous yellow ball in the sky. ( Any mini dolls who know the answer may {Read More}