Instore Report – Lea’s Debut Photos from Boston

V. & S., one of my blog readers, went to Lea’s debut at the American Girl store in Boston. She sent me some photos for you guys to see. 🙂 Thanks V & S! 🙂 Here are all the Lea dolls lined up waiting for their mommies to come and take them home. 🙂 Lea’s hiking outfit and accessories. Lea’s fruit stand and Bahia outfit. Lea’s mix and match swimsuit, beach accessories, and kayak. Lea’s fruit stand and Bahia outfit. {Read More}

NEWS – Lea’s Special Accessories + Video

Lea Clark has some special accessories that actually come with the doll. She comes with a bracelet, compass necklace, and a messenger bag. It makes me wonder if she will be $130… : / Here’s another video of Lea Clark and doll comparisons. This video was made by the same person as the last one. I really hope Lea isn’t $130. A messenger bag, bracelet, and necklace is quite a lot for $120… There is also a rumor that Lea {Read More}