Instore Report – Lea’s Debut Store Photos

Another one of my readers, Rutvi, sent me some photos she took at the American Girl store when she went to Lea’s debut. Lea’s pajamas. Lea’s swimsuit set, swimming accessories, and kayak. Lea’s Bahia outfit and margay cat. Lea in her fruit stand. I like that tote. It could be used for many things. Rutvi also sent a photo of the new Valentine’s Day dress. This is one of the  mix-and-match outfits featured in stores. Lovely Leopard Pajamas. All the Beforever {Read More}

Instore Report – Lea’s Debut Photos from Boston

V. & S., one of my blog readers, went to Lea’s debut at the American Girl store in Boston. She sent me some photos for you guys to see. 🙂 Thanks V & S! 🙂 Here are all the Lea dolls lined up waiting for their mommies to come and take them home. 🙂 Lea’s hiking outfit and accessories. Lea’s fruit stand and Bahia outfit. Lea’s mix and match swimsuit, beach accessories, and kayak. Lea’s fruit stand and Bahia outfit. {Read More}

Lea’s Baby Sloth Ebay Listing

Lea’s baby sloth was leaked on Ebay recently. Here are some photos of it: I think the baby sloth is cute and fluffy. I don’t really have an opinion about it, but I probably will after reading Lea’s books because the sloth plays a big part in “Lea Leads the Way.” – American Girl Doll Artist

Countdown to Lea – 6 more days!

Only 6 more days until Lea Clark is released!

NEWS – Lea’s Special Accessories + Video

Lea Clark has some special accessories that actually come with the doll. She comes with a bracelet, compass necklace, and a messenger bag. It makes me wonder if she will be $130… : / Here’s another video of Lea Clark and doll comparisons. This video was made by the same person as the last one. I really hope Lea isn’t $130. A messenger bag, bracelet, and necklace is quite a lot for $120… There is also a rumor that Lea {Read More}

Deals of Day 5 – Sleepover Staples

Today’s deal is sleepover staples, such as the sleeping bag for girls, only $70, the zip pouch for girls, only $11, the keepsake box for dolls, only $35, and the Starry Garment Bag for $12. Today’s selection is a little boring for me; I’m not buying anything. – American Girl Doll Artist

Full Sized Lea Clark Doll Leaked!

Here’s a stock photo of Lea Clark, Girl of the Year 2016! Although I do think she’s pretty, I’m not sure if I want to buy her yet. What do you think of her? She seems to be coming with a necklace, maybe a compass, and a messenger bag. Her hair looks very pretty, but AG just had a Josefina face mold for a GOTY. And Maryellen who was just released has hazel eyes. People think Lea has light hazel {Read More}

Update on Grace’s Collection + Lea Clark Book 1 Summary

Throughout the year, many items from Grace’s collection have been backordered online for multiple times. I just noticed today that Grace’s Paris Accessories show “No longer available”. Her Sightseeing outfit is backordered until December 15th, and I guess that will be the next thing to go. Also, many of the Williams Sonoma American Girl baking utensils backordered, except for the cookie baking set, which is “No longer available”. I think Grace is bring American Girl a lot of money to American Girl, {Read More}