Instore Report – Lea’s Debut Store Photos

Another one of my readers, Rutvi, sent me some photos she took at the American Girl store when she went to Lea’s debut. Lea’s pajamas. Lea’s swimsuit set, swimming accessories, and kayak. Lea’s Bahia outfit and margay cat. Lea in her fruit stand. I like that tote. It could be used for many things. Rutvi also sent a photo of the new Valentine’s Day dress. This is one of the  mix-and-match outfits featured in stores. Lovely Leopard Pajamas. All the Beforever {Read More}

Lea Clark Story Details

Thank you to Lissy and Lilly and Miss Midoria for giving me permission to share this list of Lea’s story details! – Lea is from St. Louis, MO – Loves photography – Owns a turtle named Ginger – Her nickname is “Cricket” – Her father is a history professor at Washington University and her mother is an architect – It’s January at the beginning of the story and school is in session. Lea has been pulled out of school for {Read More}