Tenney Grant and Felicity – Possible Dolls Leaked!

Found on the website, Tao Bao, a listing for 2 American Girl dolls popped up recently, one fitting the description of Tenney Grant, and the other looking like an updated version of Felicity. Let’s start with Tenney: Here is the supposedly, Tenney Grant. Notice the normal molded hands, which show she will have a different body. The normal hands on the body point to the idea that this “Tenney” doll is a custom. The doll does seem to have quite {Read More}

New Truly Me Spa Collection – Leaked!

Another news article has leaked another new American Girl set! This time, it’s a spa collection! It looks like there will be a salon chair, and a new styling caddy. I’m guessing there will be a new set with stylist accessories as well, along with that new bathrobe. I think this set is cool, but not as cool as the kitchen! I can’t wait to both to come out though. 🙂 I’m so happy the Truly Me line is getting lots {Read More}

New Truly Me Kitchen Set + New Doll Leaked!

Look at this awesome set guys! A KITCHEN!! Look at it. It’s so cool! There’s a mixer, a toaster, a stove, an oven, a waffle maker, a little pet feeding drawer, utensils, and tons of other accessories. It’s just plain awesome. I’m guessing the price will be $200+. Catlover02 and I are really hyped up right now. It’s such a cool set! I’m sure girls will go crazy for this. We sure are! And that doll with red hair. She {Read More}

Lea Clark Beach Items Stock Photos

On the Indigo website, there are pictures of a few Lea sets stock photos. First, her Beach accessories: $32 The description of this set says: Lea is ready for a day of amazing beach adventures! What will she explore next? It’s up to your girl with this set: A swim mask with adjustable straps and pretend water droplets. A snorkel that attaches to the mask. Swim fins with tropical flower graphics. An adorable baby sea turtle, like the ones Lea {Read More}

New Spring Outfits on Ebay

A few new items have been leaked on Ebay! Read this post for more information.

Lea Clark Purple Tie-dye Dress on Ebay

I found this purple tie-dye dress that is from Lea Clark’s line of clothing.  I’ve already seen this outfit, but without the sunglasses included. The shoes just look cheap to me. Here are the new sunglasses. I like them, but I don’t love them. I can’t see them going with any other outfits, unless they’re in Lea’s collection. What do you think? -Catlover02 If you want to see this outfit on a doll, you can go to Lissieandlilly.blogspot.com.

Mysterious Skirt on Ebay

This pink polka-dot skirt was found on Ebay. I don’t know if it is for American Girl, since I didn’t see any AG tags on it. It could be for Bitty Twins or Bitty Baby. Or it could be for Truly Me dolls, maybe a new birthday outfit, since the other one is almost 2 years old. What do you think about it? -Catlover02

New Beforever Mystery Book Covers and More

On American Girl Publishing, they have some new book titles and the covers for the Beforever mysterious coming out in the future. The Finders-Keepers Rule is coming out in March. The Ghost Wind Stallion is coming out in March. The Crystal Ball (revised) is coming out in March. The Stolen Sapphire (revised) is coming out in March. Doll school will have all new photos (with newer outfits) and will be released in June. Doll Sports will be released in June {Read More}

American Girl Possible Spring 2016 Outfits Leaks

Here’s some more photos of more leaked outfits from a Chinese seller: This dress looks very spring-y. 🙂 You can see the little “American Girl” tag on the lower left corner of the dress. A close up on the design. I also found this outfit. A close up on the top: What do you think?  I think the green/purple top is okay, but not a color combination I’d probably create myself. I’m not sure the second outfit is AG because {Read More}

Spring 2016 Outfit Leaked!

I was surfing through Ebay, hoping to see pictures of any unreleased outfits. I’m always excited when I come across something nobody’s ever seen before. I found this listing that looked unfamiliar…. I don’t know if this is an old AG outfit or not, but I looked through Americangirl.wikia.com(They show all of the retired outfits and accessories) and there wasn’t anything that resembled this or anything like it. So I’ll just suppose it’s unreleased. The seller is from China, so {Read More}