A Doll Playdate

Recently, Catlover02 and I played with our dolls with 2 of our American Girl loving friends. One of them was the girl who received the new Marie Grace. We had just given her the doll that day. She was so excited. 🙂 I took some pictures of the dolls having fun. There was Isabelle, Spring, Lilac (wearing the school dress), Leeli Wingfeather’s Marie (wearing the soccer outfit) and the new Marie Grace (wearing her meet outfit). Oh yes, and Mini Cecile and Mini Marie {Read More}

A New Doll in the Family?

Boy, oh boy, it’s Isabelle here with some BIG news! You will never guess what happened to me a few days ago. I was exploring the house, when all of a sudden… … I saw a huge American Girl box on the bed! I was so excited, I fell over in shock. It was a new doll! After a few minutes, I was able to stand up and open the lid. I wanted to see who it was! Maybe I should {Read More}