My Thoughts: Maryellen and her Collection

Yippee! She’s finally here! I (American Girl Doll Artist) am going to share some of my thoughts on her collection! Maryellen is so beautiful! I love her curly hair, her bangs… She is just so cute! I also love her meet outfit. It reminds me of lollipops. Her gloves look so dainty, as does her pearl necklace. Her purse is pretty cute too. I am really excited about her books. I don’t think AG has had a new Beforever series {Read More}

In Honor of Maryellen

In honor of Maryellen, I drew a picture a few days ago and here it is! I hope you like it (especially American Girl Doll Crafter!) My opinion on some of the new products is coming soon! — American Girl Doll Artist

Maryellen Sneak Peek – Maryellen’s TV

American Girl shared this picture on their Pinterest board. I see doll feet on the TV screen, and a set of encyclopedias on the shelf. — American Girl Doll Artist

Maryellen Sneak Peek – Living Room Set

Here’s a sneak peek of Maryellen’s living room coffee table. AG posted this on Pinterest!   I think it looks pretty cool and retro looking. I can’t wait to see more of her collection! – American Girl Doll Artist