Coloring Page Release – February 2016

Check out all the new coloring pages for February!

Isabelle’s Trip to the American Girl Store

Hi everyone! It’s me, Isabelle. This time it was my turn to go to the American Girl store in Kansas City. It was my first time ever to go! I was super excited. My mom was still saving for Lea, but she thought it would be fun to see her collection and stuff. 🙂 Here’s me in the outfit I wore. The vest, hat and hand warmers are from the Warm Winter Accessories. The shirt is the Valentine’s Gift Set {Read More}

Maryellen and the Brightest Star – A Mini Movie

It’s time for that mini movie American Girl has made! American Girl had a contest a few months back to pick a girl to play the role of Maryellen for this short film. AG released it today on their youtube channel. I thought it was cute. The actor playing Maryellen did a nice job. – American Girl Doll Artist

My Thoughts: Maryellen and her Collection

Yippee! She’s finally here! I (American Girl Doll Artist) am going to share some of my thoughts on her collection! Maryellen is so beautiful! I love her curly hair, her bangs… She is just so cute! I also love her meet outfit. It reminds me of lollipops. Her gloves look so dainty, as does her pearl necklace. Her purse is pretty cute too. I am really excited about her books. I don’t think AG has had a new Beforever series {Read More}

In Honor of Maryellen

In honor of Maryellen, I drew a picture a few days ago and here it is! I hope you like it (especially American Girl Doll Crafter!) My opinion on some of the new products is coming soon! — American Girl Doll Artist

Maryellen Sneak Peek- Maryellen’s Living Room

Here’s another sneak peek of Maryellen’s Living Room Set posted on Pinterest by American Girl! 😛 — American Girl Doll Artist

Maryellen Sneak Peek – Maryellen’s TV

American Girl shared this picture on their Pinterest board. I see doll feet on the TV screen, and a set of encyclopedias on the shelf. — American Girl Doll Artist

Maryellen Sneak Peek – Living Room Set + Jukebox

American Girl shared 2 more photos of Maryellen’s Living Room set, and her Jukebox. You will be able to plug in your music player to the jukebox. It looks like this goes to her TV. Maybe the living room table and TV go together…. – American Girl Doll Artist  

American Girl 2015 Short Film Project

American Girl is having a short film project. Basically, you read a script and then send in your video. It seems like AG is trying to find actors to play the parts of Maryellen and Julie so they can make movies for them. If they made movies, that would be cool. 🙂 Click HERE to see the rules for the film project. It’s pretty confusing to me… I don’t quite understand all of it. Sorry for the lack of news {Read More}

Maryellen Sneak Peek – Living Room Set

Here’s a sneak peek of Maryellen’s living room coffee table. AG posted this on Pinterest!   I think it looks pretty cool and retro looking. I can’t wait to see more of her collection! – American Girl Doll Artist