Recent Rumors… True or False?

There are been many rumors going around recently. Some of which are better then others, I might add. Some of you might not know about these so I’m here today to fill you in, and offer my thoughts about each one. 🙂 Take in mind these are only rumors and have not yet been confirmed. Rumor #1 – No More GOTYS. That’s right. None. Lea is the last one. So instead of the GOTYs, there are going to be modern {Read More}

Melody’s Reveal – Monday, Feb 22.

Melody Ellison’s Doll Debut will be on CBS tomorrow morning, February 22. They are also having an “American Girl feature” on CBS this morning. I wonder what it’s about. Are you going to watch the debut? I usually watch it on their website later. – American Girl Doll Artist