30th Anniversary Special Edition Maryellen Mini Doll Leak Photos!

Here are some leaked photos of the 30th anniversary LE Maryellen Mini Doll coming out next year! The mini version of her birthday dress is pretty cute. 🙂 A close up on her bangs. Cute! Her shoes look a little lopsided though… LINK to the ebay listing. I think this mini doll is cute! I might get her. But I’ll probably get the LE Kaya mini doll first. 🙂 – American Girl Doll Artist

New Mini House

A little while ago, I made a house for Mini Kaya and Mini Cecile, which they love. The house is made out of an American Girl Doll box. The bed inside is also from a doll clothing box with felt taped to it. The kitchen is 2 wooden blocks with food from other mini play sets. Here a little mini story to go with it. Cecile Mini was sitting on her bed, drinking water and waiting for dinner. “Kaya, I’m starving! {Read More}

Funny Friday: Mini Kaya’s Party

Mini Isabelle and Mini Kaya are here to post the Funny Friday weekly story. Mini Isabelle is blue, and Mini Kaya is green. Hello, Mini Isabelle here.  With Mini Kaya too.  Yes, we are both here. Anyway, we are here to tell you about my birthday party.  But, it wasn’t your birthday. So? On with the story. Mini Isabelle made a huge cake for me! But then she took it away for some reason. But she was nice enough to {Read More}

Mini Kaya’s Tuesday Travels

Welcome one and all. I am currently recovering from dizziness. My Mommy made a swing just like Mini Isabelle’s and well, I kind of got sick. I was swinging for hours before I found a way to escape. No more swinging for me! Last week, I decided to follow that huge orange creature, remember? Well, I followed him around and around. He just wouldn’t stop! Out of breath and tired, I sat down to rest on a rock. Only then {Read More}

Mini Kaya’s Tuesday Travels, Part 1

Welcome to Mini Kaya’s Tuesday Travels. I, Mini Kaya, will show you the wonders of the world as I explore and find everything you wanted to know about the outside world. You may think I’m small, but some of the smallest people are the best at finding things and exploring. However, on with my adventure. When I first stepped outside, I was blinded by a humongous yellow ball in the sky. ( Any mini dolls who know the answer may {Read More}