American Girl Spring/Summer Releases – My Thoughts

When I heard there was going to be new releases on the 28th, I was like, “Finally!” AG hadn’t come out with anything for over a month and I needed new coloring page material. 😉 I’m going to share my thoughts about each item from the release. Let’s get started! Lea’s Celebration Outfit – $34 I like this, but I don’t like it enough to buy it. I love the embroidery details and the headband though.The blue suits her. 🙂 Lea’s Picnic {Read More}

Spring 2016 American Girl Releases – My Thoughts

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to go over the new spring releases! Spring Breeze Dress Set – $32 I love this. The color is so refreshing and it just looks so comfy. For the doll, that is. 🙂 I love the fact that you can take off the mesh on the top so it looks casual. The leggings could be used for mixing and matching. I love everything about this! Sprinkles Outfit – $30 I’m not sure what I think {Read More}

New Truly Me Sets – Instore Only Until January 1st 2016

Just like last year, the new Truly Me sets are released in stores earlier then online. It’s probably because they have to just set it up so they can all work on Lea’s displays on New Year’s Eve. Here is the Red Hearts and Ruffles Outfit ($28). It comes with a dress, bracelet,  and sandals, and possibly a headband. This dress was leaked on Ebay a few weeks ago. This Valentine’s gift set was just leaked a few days ago {Read More}

American Girl Craft Sets – Available Online

American Girl released some new craft sets a about a month ago. There was some craft kits, a Beforever fashion design notebook, and other things. American Girl now has them available on their own website. You can check them out HERE. Here are a couple of the new items: I like the Beforever design book most of all. I had another book similar to it a long time ago and really enjoyed it. – American Girl Doll Artist  

New Grace Releases Store Photos June 2015

Bonjour! It’s a party of Grace dolls! My doll has the beret, Catlover02’s Grace is at the Bistro and AG’s Grace is baking. Next to my Grace is the food set I bought. Grace’s new outfit. Random photo. I just took this for fun because Samanthalover stopped to pick out the Leopard Pajamas. The Eiffel tower jewelry holder can hold Grace’s earrings, and her charm bracelet, but it can barely fit the charm bracelet for girls! It’s pretty small. These {Read More}

Summer Releases 2015 Sneak Peek

Want to see a sneak peek of the new summer releases? AG posted these pictures on their Pinterest board. Beforever Dolls are getting new beds! New pajamas are coming out too!   Well, only Kaya doesn’t get any, because she didn’t wear pajamas then. New Truly Me school outfits: Also, new school and sport accessories.   And a new dinner set: To see all the pictures, visit AG’s Pinterest board here. – American Girl Doll Artist

AG Spring Releases (February 2015)

There are a lot of fun new items in AG’s new releases February 2015! To start off, I will go over some of my favorite outfits. I love this swimsuit. Thank you AG for making a modest swimsuit! I think this will look nice on Jamie or Kanani, because of the purple and blue colors. The beads make it look like an African swimsuit. I really like this! I really like this too, and it’s only $48! Last year’s outfits {Read More}

My AG New Items (January 2015)

Happy New Year! How many of you waited until midnight when Grace Thomas arrived? I did, and so did Catlover02. We watched the countdown on the American Girl website. Then we explored their website, looking at the new My AG items and Grace’s collection. Catlover02 will review the Grace items later, because she likes Grace more than I do. Meanwhile, I will take a look at the My AG items. Cute! I like these pajamas. They would look good on Jamie. {Read More}

American Girl Winter Collection

Yippee! The new winter collection is finally here! They have tons of cute outfits, and new accessories, that unfortunately come with a big price tag too. But like I said, there are lots of cute items! Let’s get started! This is an adorable dress! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. It took me a minute to wonder why I loved it so much. It was because my doll, Sarah was wearing it (of course) and it {Read More}

The Beforever Collection

Beforever came out today! American girl sure released a lot of items. BEWARE! Some of the items are SUPER expensive! Though I like a lot of the items,I prefer the My American Girl and Girl of the Year collections better. I don’t mind if you don’t agree with what I think. Everyone has their own opinions. 🙂 First up, we have Samantha, who was just released. I love that her hair looks so silky. I think her bangs look shorter than the older version of {Read More}