Spring 2016 American Girl Releases – My Thoughts

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to go over the new spring releases! Spring Breeze Dress Set – $32 I love this. The color is so refreshing and it just looks so comfy. For the doll, that is. 🙂 I love the fact that you can take off the mesh on the top so it looks casual. The leggings could be used for mixing and matching. I love everything about this! Sprinkles Outfit – $30 I’m not sure what I think {Read More}

Possible New Bitty Baby Spring 2016 Outfit

American Girl shared this picture today on their Facebook. It’s advertising their “dates” with dads at the AG store. I am guessing the outfit the Bitty Baby has on with be included in the spring release. It’s unlike American Girl to show a BB in an outfit that’s not their brand. From the back, the outfit looks cute and summery. 🙂 -American Girl Doll Artist

New Truly Me Sets – Instore Only Until January 1st 2016

Just like last year, the new Truly Me sets are released in stores earlier then online. It’s probably because they have to just set it up so they can all work on Lea’s displays on New Year’s Eve. Here is the Red Hearts and Ruffles Outfit ($28). It comes with a dress, bracelet,  and sandals, and possibly a headband. This dress was leaked on Ebay a few weeks ago. This Valentine’s gift set was just leaked a few days ago {Read More}

Rumor: Addy to be Retired?

Someone said on their blog (I can’t remember which one) but they said they went to the American Girl store. The girl was having a hard time deciding between 2 dolls: Addy, and another one. I think they asked an employee for advice, and the employee recommended Addy, because she said Addy was going to be retired within a year or so. If that’s true, I think some AA people will be really upset. Why can’t American Girl have 2 {Read More}

American Girl Possible Spring 2016 Outfits Leaks

Here’s some more photos of more leaked outfits from a Chinese seller: This dress looks very spring-y. 🙂 You can see the little “American Girl” tag on the lower left corner of the dress. A close up on the design. I also found this outfit. A close up on the top: What do you think?  I think the green/purple top is okay, but not a color combination I’d probably create myself. I’m not sure the second outfit is AG because {Read More}

Last Day to Play Innerstar University!

Remember – today’s the last day to play Innerstar University! Jamie was my only doll that came with Innerstar U codes. I set her up a week after I bought her in 2013. I really like Pajama Pile and Dive In; those were my favorite games. What are yours? Are you sad InnerstarU is leaving? – American Girl Doll Artist

American Girl Trademarks New Names

On American Girl’s list of trademarks (words or names that “belong” to them) they have added several names, including: Willa – Toys, games and playthings Emerson – dolls, doll clothing, doll accessories, plush toys, toy figures Ashlyn – toys, games and playthings Camille – dolls, doll clothing accessories, plush toys, toy figures Kendall – toys, games and playthings Gabriela – toys, games and playthings Camille! I love that name! It would such a great name for a doll! I hope these {Read More}

Truly Me Items to Come…

Here are a list of new Truly Me items coming out this year. – Flip Top Desk – Science Fair Set – Hot Lunch Set – Recess Ready Outfit – Sport Storage Bench – Basketball Outfit – Slow Cooker Dinner Set – Silver Sparkle Beanie for Dolls – Sparkle Sweater Outfit Slow Cooker Set… Like a crock pot? That would be adorable. My mom is thinking of getting a doll, and she uses our crock pots a lot. It would {Read More}

AG Spring Releases (February 2015)

There are a lot of fun new items in AG’s new releases February 2015! To start off, I will go over some of my favorite outfits. I love this swimsuit. Thank you AG for making a modest swimsuit! I think this will look nice on Jamie or Kanani, because of the purple and blue colors. The beads make it look like an African swimsuit. I really like this! I really like this too, and it’s only $48! Last year’s outfits {Read More}

The Beforever Collection

Beforever came out today! American girl sure released a lot of items. BEWARE! Some of the items are SUPER expensive! Though I like a lot of the items,I prefer the My American Girl and Girl of the Year collections better. I don’t mind if you don’t agree with what I think. Everyone has their own opinions. 🙂 First up, we have Samantha, who was just released. I love that her hair looks so silky. I think her bangs look shorter than the older version of {Read More}