Everyone wants their drawings done! I don’t want to mess anyone’s up! Please tell me if these are correct.   ForeverLoveDolls would like a drawing of her 2 dolls, Mackenzie and Alexis. Mackenzie will wear the yellow flower dress and Alexis will wear the pioneer purple dress. Notes: I looked for Mackenzie, but couldn’t find her on your blog. Is she Josefina? Also, would you like your drawing colored or black and white?   Christian Homeschooler would like a colored {Read More}

Drawing for Blackie Sunshine

Finally! It’s finished! Isabelle and Sophie look really cute (in my opinion) and I hope you like your picture, Blackie Sunshine! I looked at your blog and saw what doll clothes you had, and came up with this. Here are some other pictures I have colored. Psst! I just added some new coloring pages! Look around to find them! 🙂 – American Girl Doll Artist