On the 3rd day of Christmas…

On the 3rd day of Christmas my best friend gave to me…

Deals of Day 11 – Fuzzy Friends

If your doll is hoping for a fuzzy friend this Christmas, now is the perfect time to get her one! Coconut, the dalmatian, the chocolate lab, and Himalayan kitten are all on sale. There are most of the outfits and accessories for pets, and the Dreamy Daisy Pet bed. Will you buy anything? – American Girl Doll Artist

On the Loose

I sighed. Walking the dogs was not what I had in mind this afternoon. Actually, I was going to go shopping. I remembered what Spring had told me before I left the house. “Stay on the sidewalk and you’ll be fine.” she’d said. “Ha!” I had replied, “That’s simple.” Turns out, simple meant boring. I yawned as I walked. Then for some reason, the puppies started to walk faster.  “Hey, slow down!” I yelped, but they kept picking up the pace. {Read More}

Hide and Seek

Tutu was on a very important mission. She was supposed to be finding a hiding spot, because she was playing Hide and Seek with her friends, Inkpot and Pepper. “Woof, woof, woof…” Pepper barked. He was almost done counting. Tutu thought fast. She always hid in a good hiding spot. Maybe this time she could hide somewhere easy, a place where her friends would never guess. She slid under the daybed. Pepper was done counting and scurried around looking for {Read More}

Meet Jade

Jade is an adorable Chocolate Lab I got for Christmas from my brother. She’s sweet and cuddly. Today was kind of chilly, but to Jade, this was the perfect time to play in the snow, which Jade loves, and I took some pictures. As you can see, she has already rolled around in the snow before this picture. Jade really isn’t much of a skater, but she still had tons of fun and can’t wait to go inside and snuggle {Read More}

Meet Crystal

Who wouldn’t want to meet an adorable kitten? Crystal is the new kitty in the house, and you can read about her homecoming here. Crystal is the new pet cat American Girl came out with this summer, and I finally got around to doing a photo-shoot with her this morning. Crystal loved to frolic around in the dew, especially after I took her collar off.Crystal has been pretty happy in her new home. She likes to snuggle at bedtime and sniff the flowers {Read More}

Isabelle and Tutu Photoshoot

Since I got my Doll Photoshoot book, I have been reading it a lot! The pictures are amazing, and it has lots of good ideas for projects. It gave me some tips on good lighting. You should have 3 lights. A main light, a fill light and a backlight. The main light can be from a window, shining on your doll’s face. The backlight can be behind or above your doll. The fill light is to make sure the main {Read More}

Kanani’s Photoshoot

Bye for now! –American Girl Doll Artist 🙂

AG Catalog Photos

Okay, here are the pictures. I hope you enjoy them! I’ve always loved looking at the magazine, just because of the way they set up the scenes! 🙂       This is a bag that I found in the magazine. It fits 2 pets and 1 doll. It’s really cute. Oh yeah, the Isabelle movie is going to be on the Disney channel on August 9th, 6:00 P.M. central. I probably won’t be watching it though. I haven’t watched {Read More}

Doll Photos

I took these pictures a long while ago, but still wanted to share them with you guys. Some of them are pretty funny! I hope you enjoyed these photos!