Spring 2016 Outfit Leaked!

I was surfing through Ebay, hoping to see pictures of any unreleased outfits. I’m always excited when I come across something nobody’s ever seen before. I found this listing that looked unfamiliar…. I don’t know if this is an old AG outfit or not, but I looked through Americangirl.wikia.com(They show all of the retired outfits and accessories) and there wasn’t anything that resembled this or anything like it. So I’ll just suppose it’s unreleased. The seller is from China, so {Read More}

New Grace Release Leaked!

While browsing on the American Girl website, I came across this information! American Girl has leaked Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit and Accessories! I took some snips to show you. All pictures are from the American Girl Website. 1. Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit $30       I LOVE Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit, it is super adorable. Her polka-dotted tutu is darling and has lots of mix-n-match potential. My favorite element of this outfit is the shirt. The three-quarter length sleeves and sequins stand {Read More}