Welcome Z Yang!

Today is a super exciting day – Z Yang, AG’s newest doll who loves vlog, has been released! 😀 Z is an imaginative filmmaker developing her own take on the world around her. She lives in Seattle were she vlogs and makes stop motions with her cameras and equipment. 🙂 Z IS SO STINKING CUTE!! American Girl partnered with the one and only 5HensandaCockatiel (aka Sydney) from Instagram. The well-known American Girl photographer got the opportunity to photograph Z and {Read More}

Out with the Old, In with the New – Part 1

Humming a song to herself, Isabelle pranced and twirled across the house. In her hands, she carried several leotards and tutus, her dance wear from that week. Sarah was busy doing laundry and insisted that all the dolls put away their towering piles of clothing. It was Isabelle’s last trip down the hall and then she would be free to do whatever she wanted!! It was Christmas break, after all. Christmas break should not be spent on chores and laundry, {Read More}

American Girl Holiday Catalog Photos – 2015

Here are photos of the holiday catalog for all you who haven’t gotten a catalog yet. 🙂 This is the cover. I like how it’s lots of girls wearing different outfits, but those 2 girls in the front seem to be pushing to the front a little bit. 🙂 Then, it’s the set that Valerie created. Didn’t she do a great job? I love all the treats! The blonde-haired doll and Grace are her actual dolls too. 🙂 The gold {Read More}

Photo Tips: Backdrops

Do you take your dolls pictures up against a neutral colored wall? Here are some ways to change up your background! If you want some excitement in your background, you can use a roll of wrapping paper to make a background. You can tape the ends on something high, like a table, and let the tube roll to the ground. This is what I used on these pictures: I used a more neutral kind on this picture. I used a {Read More}