New AG Sale Items

Since Truly Me has finally come out, American Girl has put some MyAG items on the sale page : Notice the Fancy Coat Set? That was a Christmas Instore Exclusive last year. 🙂 – American Girl Doll Artist P.S. More fun coming soon! 😉

American Girl Pre-Season Sale!

Just as American Girl took away free shipping, they gave out new sales! Sometimes American Girl makes me mad! See, I just ordered some items yesterday: Isabelle’s Makeup Set, Isabelle’s Accessories and the Navy Holiday Dress. Good thing none of those items are on sale. Tons of earrings are on sale, along with the new ring set. Kit’s bed is $66 (what a deal!) and there are many Bitty Baby items. The striped school dress and cheerleading outfits are both on {Read More}