Sewing – My 4th Pleated Skirt

What is up with me and the skirts? I just really enjoy making them! So, yesterday I finished a pleated skirt with a cute pattern on the fabric. Spring is here modeling it today. Doesn’t she look so cute? Coral is really her color. The skirt is cotton, and I used white thread. I had no complications and might list it in Peppermint Pursuits! When I began to make the skirt, I wondered what it would look like in the {Read More}

Sewing: Pleated Skirt

Today, Grace is here modeling the new pleated skirt I sewed a few days ago. I used the pleated skirt pattern from Pixie Faire and it was very easy. 🙂 I had lots of fun and Grace looks super cute in it! Isn’t she cute? A close up of the design. Here’s a picture I made of Grace sitting in the grass. I used Photoshop and made the little polka-dots around her. 🙂 And Catlover02’s new kitten wanted to play {Read More}