American Girl Store Feb. 2015 Part 4

Finally, time for the My AG displays. Right next to this display, there was a doll with the new swimsuit roller-skating. It looked really weird. Is skateboarding “in” or something? Now they have 2 skateboarding sets: one for My AG, and one for Julie. The detail on this gardening table is amazing. There are cute ladybugs all over everything, and there are even worms in the flower pots! Cute! I love these dresses. They look so fresh and colorful. Here {Read More}

What Happened on Friday

Did any of you realized I didn’t post this week’s Funny Friday? My brother had a soccer game in Kansas City (Overland Park, actually) and my mom invited my sister and I to come along too. I almost didn’t go, because a cold has been going through our family, and I was congested. I decided to go, since I wasn’t feeling that bad. We had to leave at 1:00 P.M. so I spent the morning working on my school work because I’m homeschooled. {Read More}