Meet Renae

Hi, friends! *waves happily* Yesterday, we went to the AG store for my littlest sister’s birthday and I brought home this sweet girl. :) Meet Renae! She’s Truly Me #62. […]

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Truly Me Signature Studio

The Truly Me Signature Studio is a fun studio where you get to design clothes for your dolls. You get to pick out what outfit type you would like: a […]

Truly Me Items to Come…

Here are a list of new Truly Me items coming out this year. – Flip Top Desk – Science Fair Set – Hot Lunch Set – Recess Ready Outfit – […]

Good-bye InnerstarU

InnerstarU is finally closing it’s doors. I don’t mind that much. It was fun, but it was just a pretend online school. Dolls in real life are much better. In […]