Amazon Prime Making American Girl Doll Live Action TV Series

Today I found multiple news articles telling that American Girl is teaming up with Amazon to create 4 new live-action series starring American Girl characters! “Mattel and Amazon are making deals, this time it’s a programming deal that centers on four live-action specials to be based on the popular doll franchise, ‘American Girl‘. In addition to the four live-action specials, Amazon retains the option to produce multiple seasons of TV series with the American Girl characters. “There are a few {Read More}

Tutu’s Beauty Show

Hello, and welcome back to Tutu’s television channel. Today we will be talking about beauty, and all things makeup. Please welcome our special guest, Tutu! Humph! What is the matter? What is the matter? What is the matter? The matter is that I do NOT have a flower bow! Don’t worry Tutu, we will fix you up in no time and you will very beautiful, even without a flower bow. Just calm down Oh fine… Alright, the first thing we {Read More}