Getting Ready for School Pictures – a photostory

Kaya and Kanani  were sitting on the Daybed. “Why is your hair like that?” Kaya asked. “I’m curling it for school pictures. I have a fishtail braid in the back,” Kanani explained. “Mommy already did my hair!” Kaya said, turning her head. She had a long French braid running down the side of her head. “That’s nice.” said Kanani, “It’s very pretty.” “What’s pretty?” asked Sarah. Kaya showed her hairstyle to Sarah. “Cool!” Sarah said. “I have a fishtail braid.” {Read More}

Mini Isabelle Takes a Trip

Recently, Mini Isabelle took a vacation to Iowa with me. My family and I were getting our pictures taken, and Mini Isabelle decided to explore the studio (aka. get into mischief). First, she checked out the walls. “This wood floor and brick wall would be nice for a ballet studio!” Isabelle said. Then she posed for a few pictures until moving onto the next wall. Isabelle liked the purple one, with the white woodwork. It was just the right size for {Read More}