Kanani’s Makeover

Hi friends! It’s me, Kanani. I am getting a makeover, thanks to American Girl Doll Artist. She has curled up my hair and so tomorrow it will be curly. She said that it might not last even a few days, but hey, at least she’s planning to take me on a photoshoot! I have been brave (maybe I complained once or twice) through it. My hair resembles a bird nest. Good thing no birds live in our house! Crazy, isn’t {Read More}

How to Care for a Curly-Haired Doll

As you all know, I have Jamie, a curly-haired doll. Some of you may be wondering how I care for her hair, so I have decided to show how I do it. Maybe this will help you if you have a doll with curly hair! Jamie is very happy to have a post all about her! First, you will need a spray bottle and a wire brush. Other brushes will eventually ruin the dolls’ hair. The bottle is an old hairspray {Read More}