Sparkles and Sweets: Peppermint Pursuits Fall Lookbook + Menu

Are your dolls wondering what to wear when the chilly weather comes around? Has she got a few adorable jackets, but can’t find the perfect tee to match? Well, have no fear! We have put together a fall look-book to you to create the ideal fall outfits for your own dolls! Lea is our first model today. As you can see, she is sporting a beautiful flower crown made by Catlover02. Flower crowns are all the rage these days, and {Read More}

Clay Tutorial: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yay! Now you can learn how to create one of the most delicious desserts in this easy-to-follow tutorial.

A Piece of Cake, Anyone?

Well, after much planning, I decided to create a doll cake. I was surprised I even thought of doing it. O.o I have always been afraid of wasting clay, so I try to save every little scrap and make sure nothing gets mixed and ruined. A cake seemed like too much clay, and if I messed up on it, well, let’s just say a cake doesn’t exactly use a little clay. I looked up a few tutorials, (They were for {Read More}

2nd Clay Food Release – January 2016

Read this post to see all of Catlover02’s delicious clay doll food.

November 2015 Clay Doll Food Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of one of my latest clay creations. Hopefully you like it what you see! Don’t they look delicious? I have many other items I’m planning to release soon. šŸ™‚ Do you have suggestions on what I should create next? TakeĀ this survey! -Catlover02

Clay Doll Food Survey

Do you have any clay doll food suggestions? Tell me all about your ideas in this survey! Thank you for taking the survey! It will really help! -Catlover02

How to Make Doll Gingerbread Cookies

Hello, Kanani here. Kaya is off on a camping trip, and I am the only baker left in the house. SarahĀ likes to read books, Isabelle likes ballet, and Jamie likes fashion. Aprons aren’t really Jamie’s idea of fashion. But, you won’t need aprons, because these are mess free cookies. At least, for us dolls. Your mom will probably make a mess, making these cookies for you! Aren’t they cute cookies? You only need a few ingredients, I mean supplies. – {Read More}

Funny Friday

Jessica and Bethany were waiting for their friends to come over. “I’m so excited for our sleepover. Living only a few feet away really has its advantages.” Bethany said, “Sarah even let me borrow her hair highlight! And it only took her like 30 seconds to walk over here!” Jessica nodded, “And when Mom builds us a mall, it’s like I’m living at it. I’m in paradise right at home!” Bethany laughed. All Jessica seemed to talk about was clothes. {Read More}

Josefina makes Donuts

Hello,Ā Josefina here. Today, I found a recipe called, The World-Famous Chocolate Donut. I liked the name and decided to check it outĀ to see if it was really asĀ famous asĀ it claimed to be. As I was trying to put on my apron, Tutu kept jumping up at my legs, like she wanted to help too. I let her help, of course, but what could she do anyway? I got outĀ all theĀ ingredientsĀ to make theĀ donut. Tutu dragged the Pet Food container over. Maybe {Read More}

Make Doll Frappuccinos!

This is the doll sized version of a frappuccino from Starbucks. In this case, it’s from “Heartbucks” ! Supplies: –Small caps (mine are from Burt’s Bees hand sanitizer bottles.) –Yellow, blue, red and white paint. –Small cotton balls. –Modge Podge. –Glue (not a glue stick) 1. First, mix pink and white on a paper plate, to make a light, creamy, pink color. Use another plate and mix red, blue and yellow to make brown. When you get the right color, {Read More}