New Truly Me Kitchen Set + New Doll Leaked!

Look at this awesome set guys! A KITCHEN!! Look at it. It’s so cool! There’s a mixer, a toaster, a stove, an oven, a waffle maker, a little pet feeding drawer, utensils, and tons of other accessories. It’s just plain awesome. I’m guessing the price will be $200+. Catlover02 and I are really hyped up right now. It’s such a cool set! I’m sure girls will go crazy for this. We sure are! And that doll with red hair. She {Read More}

Josefina makes Donuts

Hello, Josefina here. Today, I found a recipe called, The World-Famous Chocolate Donut. I liked the name and decided to check it out to see if it was really as famous as it claimed to be. As I was trying to put on my apron, Tutu kept jumping up at my legs, like she wanted to help too. I let her help, of course, but what could she do anyway? I got out all the ingredients to make the donut. Tutu dragged the Pet Food container over. Maybe {Read More}