Out with the Old, In with the New – Part 2

Jamie threw herself onto the bed and cried. She couldn’t believe AG would do such a thing, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Rubbing her eyes, Jamie felt like screaming, but she realized she felt more hurt than angry. What other doll had been changed just a bit, and gone from ordinary to superstar special by American Girl themselves? None, she realized, sitting up. I’m all alone in this. No one could understand.  I am going to stay {Read More}

Going Geocaching

“I’m bored,” Kanani mumbled, shoving her novel aside. She had just read Meet Isabelle for the fourth time that day. Purr! Tutu hopped up onto the bed next to Kanani. Tutu begged for a back rub. Kana laughed and sunk her hands into Tutu’s soft fur. Tutu began to purr loudly. “You could go geocaching with me,” Isabelle suggested. “Geocaching? What’s that?” Kanani asked, confused. “It’s sort of like a treasure hunt. You go around looking for a geocache, which {Read More}