The Science Project (Finale)

The next morning, Erica got up bright and early. She was really hoping, I mean really, hoping that science class wasn’t canceled. Besides, Miss Beaker would have to come! If a teacher missed school for 2 days, a new teacher would have to substitute. Suddenly, Erica was worried. What if they got a new mean teacher? Erica hurried along the sidewalk. The rest of the morning flew by. In the blink of an eye, it was time for science class {Read More}

Funny Friday: Kaya’s Fall Adventure Part 1

Hello friends and follows! It’s Kaya here, with Pepper. We sure had an exciting day today! Today, Pepper and I went out for a walk. We were walking along when Pepper started barking like crazy. He ran off, and left me a mile behind. I started running after him. Then I saw what made him so excited! He saw pumpkins! As you probably know, everyone loves pumpkins. So does Pepper. I rolled one onto its side and sat down for {Read More}

Bethany’s Rainy Day Photoshoot

Hi, everyone, this is Bethany. I am excited to show the awesome pictures from a photo-shoot I went on today. I also got to wear my new jacket and boots. Who doesn’t like wearing new clothes? The boots and jacket fit me perfectly, of course. (That’s because I just bought them the day before, and they were the, One Size fits All, type of clothes. You know how it is with American Girl dolls. All outfits fit me! That’s one on the advantages of being {Read More}

The Mysterious Illness Part 2

Madison woke up early the next day and went to the doctor with her mom. “I’m sure the doctor will know what’s wrong,” said Madison’s mom, “Make sure you tell her all of the details and don’t leave anything out.” “I will, ” Madison promised. Just then, the doctor, Ms. Katie came into the room holding a folder and a pencil. “Hi Madison!” she said, “How are you?” “Pretty good,” Madison said. Ms. Katie gave Madison her check up. She {Read More}

Make a Doll Newspaper

I made a Small Dolls Newspaper for my dolls. This is the printout. You can make as many as you like. Cut along the black lines and fold either way along the teal lines. Have fun! American Girl Doll Artist 🙂

Jamie at School

Here are pictures of Jamie at Innerstar U. She had a lot of fun on her first day.   Jamie picked out her outfit the night before. Her pink meet outfit is her favorite. She is also wearing her favorite earrings.   “I wonder who has the locker next to mine?” Jamie asked.   Jamie’s first class? Science! Jessica, (Jamie’s friend) goes to Jamie’s school, but she’s not in the same classes, so I didn’t get any pictures of her. 😉 {Read More}

Isabelle’s New Room

I just rearranged my doll house yesterday and Isabelle has her own room with a sewing machine (I’ll tell you more about it later). She loves her new room! 🙂 Okay, Isabelle will start writing now. Hello everyone! I’ll give you a tour of my new (awesome) room! It’s the best one ever! ♥ Don’t I look fabulous in this outfit? Just like my friend Jessica said, blue is in, pink is out. For now, that is.     I {Read More}

AG Catalog Photos

Okay, here are the pictures. I hope you enjoy them! I’ve always loved looking at the magazine, just because of the way they set up the scenes! 🙂       This is a bag that I found in the magazine. It fits 2 pets and 1 doll. It’s really cute. Oh yeah, the Isabelle movie is going to be on the Disney channel on August 9th, 6:00 P.M. central. I probably won’t be watching it though. I haven’t watched {Read More}

Make a Doll Locker

Yesterday I made a locker for Isabelle when she starts school next week at Anna Hart. This is not like the one I made for Jamie. It’s starting to fall apart now, so I hope this version will last longer. The box shape is well, a box. You can use any size you like. The metal look it has is from silver, shiny duct tape ( it has many uses ) . I got this idea from AG doll play {Read More}

Make a Dance Case / Lunchbox

Here is another school craft! Today I will show you the dance case/lunchbox I made. For the circle shape, I used an applesauce cup. To cover the cup, I used 2 different types of duct tape: pink and zig zag. The lid is a piece of cardboard with tape around it. If it looks like it’s peeling, it’s just the tape that I use to make it stay.  I got the inspiration for this from Isabelle’s Dance Case. It’s not {Read More}