Getting Ready for School Pictures – a photostory

Kaya and Kanani  were sitting on the Daybed. “Why is your hair like that?” Kaya asked. “I’m curling it for school pictures. I have a fishtail braid in the back,” Kanani explained. “Mommy already did my hair!” Kaya said, turning her head. She had a long French braid running down the side of her head. “That’s nice.” said Kanani, “It’s very pretty.” “What’s pretty?” asked Sarah. Kaya showed her hairstyle to Sarah. “Cool!” Sarah said. “I have a fishtail braid.” {Read More}

Hairstyle: Fishtail Braid

Since today was Sunday, Kanani got into her church dress and I did her hair into a fishtail braid. It looks stunning on her. I have a lot of bright-colored clothes that look great with my dark-skinned dolls. This dress is the 2013 holiday dress from American Girl. I got it on sale for $18!! They might still be having the sale, so you should go check it out! I love this hairstyle. It is very easy to make and it {Read More}