Funny Friday

Hello everyone! It’s Isabelle here. I’m writing the Funny Friday post! Awesome, right? ♥  Okay, here’s the photos taken by ME!         Now here are the cool pictures Mommy took!   Kaya and Mini Isabelle were playing with a paper doll and Mini Isabelle said, “Let’s put this dress on Isabelle!” Then I walked in.   “Hey,” I said, “That looks like me!” “It is!” said Mini Isabelle,”But it looks kinda like me too, you know.”   Okay {Read More}

Make Doll Frappuccinos!

This is the doll sized version of a frappuccino from Starbucks. In this case, it’s from “Heartbucks” ! Supplies: –Small caps (mine are from Burt’s Bees hand sanitizer bottles.) –Yellow, blue, red and white paint. –Small cotton balls. –Modge Podge. –Glue (not a glue stick) 1. First, mix pink and white on a paper plate, to make a light, creamy, pink color. Use another plate and mix red, blue and yellow to make brown. When you get the right color, {Read More}