Sugar Cookies – A Photostory

Jessica’s math is pushing her to her limits. Can Grace find something to keep her mind off her school?

The Science Project (Part 2)

The weekend seemed to last forever. Guilty feelings flooded her mind and she was actually eager to go the school on Monday. She thought about all the ways to say, “I’m sorry,” but it somehow didn’t seem right. On Monday morning, she walked to school with Ava. Morning classes seemed to take forever. At lunch hour, everything seemed to taste bitter and Ava was nowhere to be seen at recess. Erica was relieved when it was time for science class. She {Read More}

AG Catalog Photos (January 2015)

Enjoy the photos!       Thank you for reading and looking! – American Girl Doll Artist 🙂

GOTY 2015 Grace Mini Doll

A picture of Mini doll Grace has been found! American Girl has asked Doll Diaries to remove the picture, so I will too. Sorry. 🙁 I am a little disappointed with the quality of the mini doll. She looks cheap. I hope the 18 inch doll is a lot better. I liked the old mini dolls a lot better. Her pet will be a bulldog, and she will have accessories relating to traveling and baking. I think they are changing {Read More}

What I know about the GOTY 2015

Guess what? I know some things about the GOTY 2015! No, I don’t have any pictures. 🙁 I do know the basic story line of her first book! She will have 3. I don’t know the girl’s name or what she looks like. Catlover02 is hoping she will have dark skin, since she only has one dark-skinned doll (Jessica). Book 1: GOTY 2015 is going to Paris with her mom! But she can’t get along with her  cousin there, and {Read More}